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Russia and China

Shipbuilder's Convention

Improved Mortising Machine

Cast-Iron for Artificial Magnets

Cultivation of Flax for 1854

Steam Frigates

Hair and Feather Trade of New York

Patent Office--Inventors Hall

Extent of the Public Domain

Naval Steamers in the Bosphorus

List of Patent Claims

Sewing Machine Decision

Spark Arresters

Flasks for Casting Railroad Wheels

Machine for Cutting Corn Stalks

Operating Churns

Polishing Veneers

Patent Hen's Nest

Apparatus for Filling Bottles

Improved Slide Valves

Ringing Bells by Steam

Smut Machine

New York State Fair

The Great Storm

Scientific Poisoning

Machinery for Sale

Priority of Invention

Protection of Bank Notes

The Crystal Palace Re-Organized

Penalty for Affixing the Word Patent

The Ether Bill

New York Markets

The Flax Market

Plenty of Good Radishes for a Shilling

The Largest Steamboat in the World

A Cold Spring

Detection of Poppy or Nut-Oil in Olive-Oil

Water Wheels--Effect of Turbine--Article 3

Recent Foreign Inventions


Philadelphia Coal Burning Locomotives

To Correspondents

Fine Cotton

Deep Sea Soundings by American Vessels

Geological Survey of Ohio

Suspending Eaves-Troughs

A Dark Day Coming


Manufacturers and Inventors

Smelting by Electricity

Fast Sailing


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