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French Beet Root Sugar Factories

Regulator for Steam Boiler Fires

Improved Hose Protector

Home Made Guano

A Curious Dining Hall

Velocity of the Wind

To Fix Carpets on Floors

The Ericsson Raised

The Comet

Secrecy in Inventions

Flax Industry--No. 5

Aj Mammoth Vessel in the Upper Lakes

List of Patent Claims

Recent Foreign Inventions

Bullets for Breech-Loading Fire Arms

Patent Cases

New Nail Machine

Mortising Sash Stiles

Improved Car Seat

Hose Coupling

Grease Feeder

Carriage Couplings

A Good Law for Philadelphia

Yankee Lumbermen in Canada

What we do not Eat--Tobacco

The New Three Dollar Gold Piece

Reaping Machine

Living Weather Prognosticators--The Eclipse

Cure for Corns

American Institute

American Association for the Advancement of Science

American and Foreign Patent Agency

To Correspondents

Attraction of Compasses on Ships

Manure for Strawberries


Manufacturers and Inventors

Scientific Memoranda

Sugar in the Living Animal

The Beard and Moustache in the Arctic Regions


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    May 20, 1854

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