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Improvement in Dressing Flax

New Plating Apparatus

Pennsylvania Coal for Gas

Indian Relics

Inventors and Inventions

Electricity as a Motive Power

Improvement in Rolling Railroad Bars

Artificial Ice—The South

Cotton Manufacture in the Southwest

The Atmospheric Telegraph

Scientific Memoranda—American

Foreign Scientific Memoranda

Improved Hay Knife

Improved Stone Dressing

Improved Windmill

New Centrifugal Pump

Improvement in Steam Valves

The National Armories

Improvements in the use of Steam

The Asteroids

Nova Scotia Industrial Exhibition

Royal and Republican Perfumes

Ohio State Fair

Kentucky Mechanics' Fair

Patent Laws

The Ericsson Turned into a Steamer

A Sewing Machine in a Palace

New Pavement

Steam Fire Engine

List of Patent Claims

Manufacture of Caviare

The Divining Rod

Distances of Routes to California


Silver Pointed Lightning Rods

The Great Republic

Lightning Conductors for Ships

Peat for Fuel

Combination Portable Stove and Lantern

Lime Water a Remedy for Diarrhea

To Extinguish Fires on Steamboats

Cure for Cholera


Cure for the Venom of Snakes and Insects


Manufacturers and Inventors

Seasonable Advice


Pearl Fishing


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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