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Death of an Astronomer and Mechanician

Improvement in Grape Frames

Enclosing the Track

Things to be Remembered

Recent Foreign Inventions

Means of Preventing the Formation of Incrustations in Boilers

Hilly Ground and Sea Winds

Advance in Railroad Fares

A Microscopic World

Water Wheel Challenge

Treatment of Persons Struck by Lightning

The Dark Day

Legislation, Gloves, and the Ladies

India Rubber Law Case in England

Effect of Occupation on Health

Circular Saws

Condenser for Wool Carding Machines

Roving Tubes

New Breech-Loading Cannon

Machine for Cutting Irregular Forms

Another New Rule in the Patent Office

Spiritual Manifestations and Discoveries

Reaping and Mowing Machines


Our Prizes

Great Place for Steamships

Government Steamers—The San Jacinto

Car Ventilation

The Ohio State Fair

An Old Printing House

A False Patentee

List of Patent Claims

Philosophy for Mechanics—Lime

Sash Stopper and Fastener

Securing Helves on Axes

The Iron Foundries in Pittsburg


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September 02, 1854

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