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New Material for Paper

Devil's Shoe Strings

Vermont Gold

Colt's Revolvers in London

To Clean Brass

Sawing Fire Wood

Rotary Pump and Engine

Great Railroad Bridge—Maine Mechanics Association

Welding Steel on Shears' Blades

Water Wheel Challenge

Condensed Air as a Motive Agent

To Mechanics—The Scientific American

Coal—New Sources—Consumption

The Water Wheel Challenge

Remarkable Spring

King Snakes and Rattle Snakes

Locomotive Performances

Foreign Crops

Explosion of a Boiler

Engineering Experiment—Testing an Engine

Discoveries in Metals


The Copper Mines of Lake Superior

New Marine Engines

Hot Air Furnace

Warming Buildings

Corrugated Locomotive Tank

Slide Valves of Steam Engines

Sectional Floating Dock

Bird's Patent Steam Boiler

Machine for Cutting Leather

Improved Slate Frame

Beautiful Impressions

Gas from Wood

Delays are Dangerous

Theory of Storms—Predictions of the Weather

The Smithsonian Institute Again

The People's Journal

Clubs and Prizes

Chicago Mechanics' Fair

Great Subterranean Road

Gore's Patent Butter Worker

Foreign Items of Science and Art

Camphor Insanity

Roofs of Houses

Remedy for Yellow Fever

List of Patent Claims

Important Items

Potato Digger

Brown and Boeklen's Improved Bottle for Effervescent Drinks

California Academy of Natural Sciences


To Clean Silver Plate

Explosive Burning Fluids


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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September 23, 1854

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