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American and British Estimate of Horse Power

Subterranean Animals

Savage Fish

Ocean Postage

Clamping Door and Window Sash

Balloon Propulsion

Arresting and Re-Acting Springs for Fire Engines

To Cut Elbows and Stove Pipes by Rule and Compass

Submersed Paddles or New Method of Propelling Vessels

Rule for Blacksmiths

French Weights Reduced to English

Artesian Well Inquiry—Agriculture

Affliction and Pestilence

Wood Gas

To Inventors—About Models

To Destroy Thistles


Geological Wonder in New South Wales

British Association for the Advancement of Science--No. 1

American Steam Navigation

A Splendid Work of Art

A Curiosity in Mechanic Art

Window Sash Fastener

Tenoning the Hub End of Wheel Spokes

Spark Arresters

Railroad Burden Cars

New Board Clamp

Cylindrical Saws for Cutting Staves

Discovery of the North-West Passage

The San Jacinto Again

Nutmeg Grater

More about the Arctic

Important to Young Men—Small Capitals, and How to Get Them

Fur and Silk Hats

An Arkansas Invention

New Water Plant

List of Patent Claims

Flouring Mill

Cholera Symptoms

Terms of Advertising

Anthracite Coal in Ireland

Cements, Roofing, &C

Exploding Mines and Grenades

History of Reaping Machines—No. 5


Inventors, and Manufacturers

Remains of Sir John Franklin Discovered


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October 28, 1854

Confronting Common Wisdom