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Stone Dressing Machine

Construction of Railroads and Their Management


Seed Ticks

The Oyster Poisonous

On Colors in Decoration

Boat Propelled by Electricity

Devil's Shoe Siring—The Remedy

Patent Law Cases

Franklin Institute

Patent Palliasses

An Eccentric Will

New Use for Beet Root

Assyrian Discoveries

Improvement of Navigation

Opinions of the Press

British Association for the Advancement of Science—No. 2

Cotton Heckler

Sickles' Coal Ash Sifter

To Get Rid of Cockroaches

Another New Rule of the Patent Office

Ohio Machinery

Water Pipe at West Philadelphia

Cast and Wrought Iron Water Pipes

Testing Steam Engines

A Change in English Jurisprudence

Crawford's Great Work

List of Patent Claims

Making Cheese

Terms of Advertising

Cheap Microscope

History of Reaping Machines—No. 6

Preserving Milk

The Electrical Motor Destroyed by a Mob

A New Light

A Valuable Mineral


Inventors, and Manufacturers


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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November 04, 1854

Confronting Common Wisdom