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Burning Mountains of the Moon

Improvement in Pinch Bars

Prindle's New Field Fence

Discount on Indiana Money

An Old Chronometer

Gale's Straw Cutter

Irrigation of Land

Granaries for the Storing of Corn, by the Brothers Huart, of Cambrai

Spontaneous Combustion of Coal

The Butterfly Plant

Sugar for Cholera

A New Solvent for Collodion

Inhabitants in the Stars

Interesting Patent Case

Restoring to Life

The Philadelphia Water Works Ornamental Pipe

Artesian Wells in Michigan

Irvine's Safety Circulating Steam Boiler

Stame and Steam

The Elements of Agriculture, by Geo. E. Waring Jr

Protection against Hail

Turning the Leaves of Music Books

Fulgham's Sawing Machinery

Special Notice to Inventors

Memento Mori

New Way of Securing Pulleys to Shafts

Machinery the Power of Nations

The New Razeeing Process

The Scientific American

Wine Making in France—Failure of the Grape Crop

Destroying Canada Thistles

List of Patent Claims

Superior American Clocks

Terms of Advertising


Inventors, and Manufacturers

History of Reaping Machines—No. 8

Life Preservers

The Narcotics and Poisons We Indulge In

Action of Sea Water on Cements

Man and Monkey


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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