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A Correction Required

American Shawls

New Mordant II Dyeing

Patent Trestle Wire Suspension Bridge

Olive versus Lard Oil

A Vegetable Curiosity

American Artists in the Paris Exhibition

Sir John Franklin

Discoveries in Electricity

Improvement in Bread Making

Newspaper Postage

Stretching Cloth

A Newspaper

Machine for Cutting Fine Shavings for Upholstering

Comets--Light and Heat

Hot Air Engine Again

Magnetic Iron

Ventilation of Sewers

Cutting Metal Pipes

Operating Window Shades

Recent Foreign Inventions

Fusible Plug for Steam Boilers

Reform of Patent Laws—Models

Sir Isaac Newton—An Example for Boys

How Far Does the Law Protect Unpatented Inventions

Weaver's Harness Clasp

Drain Tiles

Machine for Dressing, Fellies

Operating Slide Valves or Oscillating Engines

A Little Oil

The Water in Boston

One Hundred Dollars Reward

Reform of the Patent Laws

Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents

List of Patent Claims

Valuable Discovery

Starch Found in the Brain


Colored Glass and the Growth of Plant

History of Reaping Machines--No. 11

Aluminum Steel


Inventors, and Manufacturers


  • Letters

    To Correspondents - December 16, 1854

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