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Steam Valves

Iron Batteries

Temperance on Railways

An Unprofitable River

Salt in Illinois

Spiking Guns

The Art of Dyeing--No. 1

Philadelphia Gas Works

Steam Fire Engine

Scientific Memoranda

Gas in Nantucket

Lead Mine in the Heart of a Town


Hardening Steel

Pendulums and Balloons

Visibility of the Planet Venus in the Day time

Improved Tuyere

New York Crystal Palace--Experience of an Exhibitor

Globular Journal for Cars

Ox Yokes

Shoal Alarm for Ships

Double-Acting Force Pump

Truss for the Radical Cure of Rupture

Driving Reciprocating Saws

Sash Fastening

Car Ventilator

Presents for the Holidays

Sausage Stuffers

Tip-Top Blacking

Cleaning the Flues of Stoves

Felting Hat Bodies

Mortising Chisel

Self-Acting Fire Damper for Chimneys

Curious Clause in the New Patent Bill

Blasting Rocks

The Beneficial Effects of Patent Laws

Sweeping Streets by Machinery

List of Patent Claims

Suspending the Law of Gravitation

Water in Flour

Roring Artesian Wells

Tractive Power of Locomotive

Important Items

Acorns Kill Bullocks

Salt in California

History of Reaping Machines--No. 13


Ether and Chloroform


Inventors, and Manufacturers

Prizes next Week

Consumption of Flour in London

Winter Colds


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