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Buoyant and Ball Proof

Justice to American Enterprise

New System of Gearing for Machinery and Railroads

Improvement in Platform Scales

The Prizes--Mechanics' Institute

Law Regulating the Sale of Coal

Wire Fences

The Art of Dyeing--No. 7

New Waterproofing Process

Notes on Newfoundland


Obituary of Simeon L. Spofford, Esq

Overhead Stove Pipe in the School Room

Slate Cutting Machinery

Burglar Alarm

Implement for Boring in the Earth

New Seeding Machine

Improved Straw Cutter

Lubricator of Machinery

Impure Coal

Means of Saving Life in Shipwreck

The Smithsonian Institute

Muntz Metal Sheathing and Bolts--Caution to Shipbuilders

Ocean Steamers

Steam Engine Without a Boiler

American Commissioner at the World's Fair

High Winds in New York

Railroad Explosive Signals

The Franklin Institute

Remarks on Lateral Motion of the Earth

Life Boat Ships

Evaporating Cane Juice

List of Patent Claims

Patent Case

Important Items

Brown's Pendulum Detachment

History of Reaping Machines--No. 18


Inventors, and Manufacturers


Copper Ores

Boat Guards


  • Letters

    To Correspondents

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