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Saponaceous Cream of Almonds

Field's Traveling Bridge

Wooden Car Springs

Tailed Men

New Life Boat

Felting Hats

Ballanced Steam Valve

Anthracite Coal or Steamships

A New Method of Extracting Bullets

The Art of Dyeing--No. 9

Power of Locomotives in Overcoming Steep Grades

Plow Standards

Notice to Engineers and Pilots

Manufacture of Alcohol From Asphodel Root

Importing Turnips

Hickory Nut Oil

Grafted Chestnut Trees

Wind Mills

The Steam Fire Engine

A New Potato

The Earthquake at St. Johns

Soup as Food, and How to Make It

Prof. Agassiz on the Smithsonian Institute

Pennsylvania Commissioners to the Paris Fair

Painting and Varnishing Carriages

Muntz Metal for Bolts

Invincible Horse Bit

Improvement in Hand Trucks

Supporting Articles of Dress

Manufacture of Stone

Improvements in Steam Navigation

Electro-Plating Applied to Cutlery

Combustion and Fires

A Scientific Error Corrected

The Polytechnic Journal Gone

Stereoscopic Medallion

Muntz Metal Tubes in Boilers

List of Patent Claims

How the World Was Made

The Way to Build Up a State

Prizes for Astronomical Discoveries

New Petrified Bodies

Important Items


Inventors, and Manufacturers

Polishing Slate

Copper Smelting in Tennessee

History of Reaping Machines--No. 20

Important Discovery

Improvements in Molding


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February 24, 1855

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