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Hot Air Furnace

The Real Cause of the Fishy Taste of Boston Water

Oil for Machinery and Illumination

Lime in Agriculture

Castor Oil Electuary

The Art of Dyeing--No. 10

New Orleans Academy of Sciences

Improvement in Lathes

Heliographic Pictures

Feeding Flour Bolts

Incrustations and the Feed Water of Boilers

Workings of the New Steamboat Law

The Use of Snails

Spiritual Philosophy

Chimney Safes

Improvement in Grain Separators

Improved Straw Cutter

Improved Skate

Gates of Water Wheels

Artificial Manure--Deterioration of the Soil

White Maple Sugar

To Subscribers

Review of the Proposed Amendment in the Patent Laws--Important Movements in Congress

List of Patent Claims

Remedy for the Ship Worm

Notes of Foreign Scientific Matters

Important Items

History of Reaping Machines--No. 21


Inventors and Manufactures

Our Inland Commerce

Slate Quarry in Virginia


  • Letters

    To Correspondents

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March 03, 1855

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