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Liberal Employers

Sugar Manufacture of France

Beans for Soup

Improved Bevel Planes

New Potato Digger

Gold Near Reading, Pa

Railway Economy in Construction and Repair

James Watt Festival

Milk Sickness


Fire Engines--The Tables Turned

Life Boats

Boston Coal Dealers

The Art of Dyeing--No. 12

Highths of Perpetual Snow in the Alps

Ship Building in the United States

Hydrodynamics-- Water Wheels


Transporting Eggs of Fishes

Proposed Amendment in Patent Law

Circular Saws

Materials in Their Invisible State

Color of the Eyes

Patent Sawing Machinery

Improvements in Sawing Machinery

A Propeller to Go Dead Against the Wind

Congress Has Adjourned

Agriculture for 1855

New Motor

Improved Mill Spindle

The Reaper

India Rubber Forever

Ether and Steam

The Age of the World

List of Patent Claims


Railways in Virginia

Important Items

Steamship Arabia on Fire

New Steam Mill

History of Heaping Machines.--No. 23


Inventors, and Manufacturers


  • Letters

    To Correspondents

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March 17, 1855

Confronting Common Wisdom