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Improvement in Oscillating Engines

Air Heating Furnace

The Emperor of Russia Dead

The Art of Dyeing--No. 13

Self-Loading Cart

New Washing Machine

Improved Caster for Billiard Tables

Gold Mining in Wales

Glass Globes Unfit for Fish

English and American Intelligencer

Watchmakers' Lather

Clock Statistics

A California Lamprey

The Sphygmograph or Pulse Writer

The Ratio of the Diameter to Its Circumference Is Exact

Rifle Shooting

Properties of the Electric Spark

On Gum Mezquite

Depth of the American Lakes

Gas Regulators

Improved Sleigh

Improved Arrangement of School Desks

British Patent Office--Formalism

To Our Book Publishers

The Olive in California

The Gulf Stream

Niagara Suspension Bridge

Improved Weighing Scales

Who Is the Inventor of Combined Stame and Steam in Engines

Weather in England


To Kill Ants

The New Postage Law--Important to the Public

Saw Filing Machine

List of Patent Claims

Fire-Proof Floors

Fall of Black Snow

Important Items

Warming Cities

Who Invented the Zig-Zag Sickle

History of Reaping Machines--No. 24

Wire Fence

Percussion or Fulminating Powder

The Charleston Artesian Well

The Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics Institute

To Cure Felons


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March 24, 1855