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Self-Regulating Water Gate

Power of Cocoa

Turning Lathe

Useful Varnishes

Errata--Moving a Boat Against the Wind

Improved Dredging Machine

Railroads Wanted

The Art of Dyeing--No. 15

A Deep Spring

Power Loom Shuttle Guard

The New Postage Law


The Scientific American

Charcoal Furnaces

Coffee Leaf

Activity Among Inventors

A Bad Habit


American and English Flour


An Excellent Paste for Envelopes

Heating Factories with Steam--Its Economy

About Mosquitoes

Proving of the Gravitation Theory

Operating Valves of Direct-Acting Steam Engines

Steam Engine Governor

Machine for Planting Potatoes

Railroad Station Directory

Progress of the Telegraph

Steam Versus Ether

Testing Lubricating Oils

Florida Cochineal

A Great German Skeleton

Force of the Wind in a Tornado

A Substitute for Guano

List of Patent Claims

Steel and Iron

Deterioration of Brass

Important Items

History of Reaping Machines--No. 26


Inventors, and Manufacturers


  • Letters

    To Correspondents

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