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Improved Cotton Gin

Machine Boots and Shoes

Ventilating Railroad Cars

Man and the Atmosphere

Planting Potatoes

The San Jacinto

On Steam and Steam Boilers

Recent News From Europe

The Art of Dyeing--No. 20

California Coal


Sounding the Niagara River

The Shipping of the World

Superiority of American Iron

Eclipse of the Moon

To Destroy Red Ants


Ruttan's System of Ventilation

Chemistry of Steam Boiler Explosions

The Cause of Drought

Inventions Wanted

Fees Under the Patent Law of 1790

New Bullet Mold

Fire Engines

Boot and Shoe Stretcher

Improved Horse Power

Improved Shuttle

Clothes Pin Machine

Fall of a Suspension Bridge

Railroad Ticket Register

Consuming Smoke

Education in New York City

The Boston Steam Fire Engine

Enforcing the New Steamboat Law

Presentation of a Plow

Another Asteroid

Navigation of the Hudson River

Splendid Engines for the Cleveland Water Works

The Steamship that Was the “Ericsson”

Ketchum's Patent Case

Reaper Patent Case

List of Patent Claims

The Patent Eight-Wheeled Car Case

Singular Phenomenon

Horticultural Novelty

Important Items

Artificial Mineral Manures

The Earth That We Walk on


Importing Eggs

Fresnal Light in California

German Silver

Eyes and Cold Water


Inventors, and Manufacturers

How Our Bodies Are Made Up


  • Letters

    To Correspondents

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