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Furnaces for Making Iron

Hair Tonic

Curiosities of Science--Combustion

Cod Liver Oil

Charleston Artesian Well

Boston Line of European Steamships

The Seventeen Year Locusts

Agriculture of Massachusetts

A Preventive Against Moths

The Crops

The Art of Dyeing--No. 22

Sewing Gloves by Machinery

Patent Case

Paine's Electric Motor on Exhibition

Morse Telegraph Case

Sun Painting Discoveries

Works on Chemistry

Care of China and Glass

California Academy of Sciences

Brass Formed by Galvanic Agency

Bathing the Open Eyes in Cold Water

To Preserve Hams in Hot Weather

To Ignite Damp Matches

Improvement in Saw Mills

Errata--Table of Patents

Chloroform in the Crimea

Letters from Paris

Guano for Insects

Coal Fields of Turkey

Universal Weights and Measures

The Oxygen of the Atmosphere

The Olive Culture

The Maynooth Battery

The Ericsson Steamer Again

Patent Office Doings

Nutriment of Flour and Potatoes

History of Staining Glass

Hoard's Gas Regulator

Implements of War

Smelling Copper Ores

List of Patent Claims

Important Items

Improvement in Augers

Is the Center of the Earth a Mass of Fire


Inventors, and Manufacturers

News from Europe

A New Oil Plant

Whitewash for Outhouses and Fences

Feeding Iron Furnaces


  • Letters

    To Correspondents

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May 26, 1855

Confronting Common Wisdom