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A Church Telegraph

Tasteless Infusion of Senna

Remedy for Gapes in Chickens

Grateful Rains

Cement for the Outside Walls of Houses

Yacht Race

Administering Chloroform

Adams' Patent Fire Engine

Volcanic Phenomenon in Nova Scotia

A Natural Barometer

A Salt Lake in Minnesota

Softening Horn


List of Patent Claims

Grape Vine Grubs

American Steel and Saw Works

A Cold Place

The Bible and the Discoveries of Science

Steam Boilers and Flues

Misdirected Industry

History of Industrial Exhibitions

Electro Magnetic Engines


Railroad Ticket Register

The Effects of Storms

Shower of Ice

Relief Arctic Expedition

Progress of Reaping Machines

Pottsville Scientific Association

Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbonic Acid

Multiplying Gearing for Propellers

Improvement in Pianofortes

Beautiful Sawed Work

An Ocean Telegraph

Valuable Bequests

The Steel Plow

The New Fire Steam Engine

The Heat of Steam

Bronze Statue of Washington

Sawing Red-Hot Iron

Paris Exhibition, &C

Is the Center of the Earth a Mass of Fire?

European Inventions, Discoveries, &C

Important Items

The Iron Manufacture

Frauds in Guano


Inventors, and Manufacturers

Onions and Tobacco Juice

Patent Office and Natural Science

The Art of Dyeing--No. 25


  • Letters

    To Correspondents

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June 16, 1855

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism