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Explosion of an Infernal Machine

Improvement in Windmills

Origin of Fires

Preventing Incrustations from Hard Water

The Most Magnificent Steamboat in the World

Newfoundland Dogs at Newfoundland

Riehl's Patent Book Trimmer

List of Patent Claims

American Association for the Advancement of Science.--No. 4


Reducing the Cost of Tunneling for Railways

Oat Meal and the Intellect

Cleaning Straw Flats

Cutting Cotton Stalks

Taft's Patent Box Opener

First Patent on Marble Saw

Waterhouse's Hose Coupling

A New Observatory

Encroachments on the Patent Office.--The Remedy

American Genius Triumphant.--Remarks on Reaping Machines

The New Metal, Aluminum

Splendid Cash Prizes!

More Encroachments on the Patent Office

Recent Foreign Inventions

The Power of Belting for Driving Machinery


the Scientific American. eleventh year !

Worth a Trial

New Copper and Silver Mines

Ames' Universal Square

Baker' Patent Clapboard Jointing

Single and Double Steam Engines


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Bacterial Balancing Act

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