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Improvement in Knitting Machines

Very Important Patent Case

Resistances on Wide and Narrow Curves of Railroads

Railroad Verdict

List of Patent Claims

Improvement in Railroad.-Atmospheric Residency

Hydro-Sulphuric Acid.-- Eratum

To Make Tomato Figs

The Canadian Patent Laws

Safe Method of Preparing Laughing Gas

Resping and Mowing Machine-Controverter Point

Portable Steam Machines

Mutual Loan Association for Inventors

Fine Muslin Goods

Double and Single Steam Engines

Decarburizing Steel Plates

An Accomplished Blind Mechanic

Hutchinson's Patent Mode of Hanging Saw

Improvement in Pump

Improvement in Cotton Presses

A Lake or Pitch

The Mason Testimonial-Last Call

The Benefits of Science and Inventions

Splendid Cash Prizes

Side Screw Steamer

Industrial Fairs

Increase or the Metals

Felting Cylinders of Engines

Enrichments Upon the Patent Office

Atkin's Self-Raker in France

A Big Gun for the Russians

Recent Foreign Inventions

Men and Machines

Intellect and Enjoyment

Insuring the Lives of Railroad Engineers

Insects and Pestilence.--The Cholera and Yellow Fever

Dressing Circular Saws


Inventors, and Manufacturers

The Form and Uses of Paper

Substitute for the Potato

Patent Alarm Bed

Clinton's Corn Stalk and Straw Cutter


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October 06, 1855

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