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Drilling and Boring Machine

Railway Telegraphs

Recent Foreign Inventions

Adjusting the Number and Depth of Paddle-Wheel Blades

Pennsylvania Soapstone

Foolscap Paper

Improvements in Railroads

Foot Prints of Reptiles in the Coal Strata of Pennsylvania

To City Subscribers

Iron Rigging for Ships

Gun Cotton and Gunpowder

Spontaneous Combustion

The Hillotype Again

Awards to American Exhibitors at the French Exhibition

Reports of Railroads

Who'll Take the Prizes?

Hints on the Value of Patents

Woodworth Patent Remonstrances

Protection of Designs for Articles of Manufacture

The Manufacture of Coke.--Railroad Fuel

Australian Expedition

A Great Traveler

Gratitude to Improvers of the Iron Manufactures

British Association for the Advancement of Science.--No. 3

Important Items

Chemical Technology


Another New Metal

Iodo-Nitrate of Silver

Japan Cotton


  • Letters

    To Correspondents

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