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Water Purifier for Steam Boilers

Bursting of Knipp's Steel and Iron Cannon


Great Steamship Launched

Frantz's Wind Mill

French Single Horizontal Steam Engines

Recent Foreign Inventions

English Scientific Journal

Granite Dust

Prince Albert on Science and Common Sense

Terrible Effects of Conical Balls

Colt's Pistols

Death of A. H. Simmons, of the Philadelphia Ledger

Improvement in Billiard Tables

Sugar Crust in Pans

Explosion of a Steam Fire Engine

Test of the Vergennes Scales

A Candidate for Public Charity

New Year's Presents

Porter's Stone Dressing Machine

Defects of the Granite Pavement

Loughridge's Patent Car Brake

New Shoal Near New York Harbor

A Fact for Farmers

Arithmetical Improvement

Artificial Manures

British Association for the Advancement of Science.--No. 4

Pure and Impure City Water

Important Items

Purifying Cotton Seed for the Manufacture of Oil and Oil Cake

Heath's Patent Reaper

Quartz Ware

The Dhoora or Indian Millet

Fumigating Paper

Power of Steam Under Great Pressure

Great Feat in Ascending an Inclined Rope



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December 23, 1855

Confronting Common Wisdom