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Woods of Australia

London the Greatest City

Improvements in Expansive Steam Engines

Composition of Gunpowder

American Nickel and Cobalt

American Fire Arm Machinery for Great Britain

List of Patent Claims

Great Engineering Works in India

Discovery of Nitrate of Lime

Nasmyth's Process of Puddling Iron

Interesting Account of the Great Polar Sea Discovered by Dr. Kane

Drouth and Vegetation

Cotton Gins

A British Exploring Ship Found Abandoned in the Arctic Seas

The Arctic Regions

Overland Arctic Expedition Returned

Breech-Loading Rifle

Improvement in Reversible Wrenches

New Year's Resolves--A Suggestion

Duty of Cornish Engines

Clarke's Railway Machinery

Award of Prizes

The Paddle Wheel and Screw

Sharpe's Rifle

Progress of Invention During 1855

Preserved Fruits

Mercury or Quicksilver

A New and Improved System of Numeration and Measurement

Wearing Flannel

The Color of Copper

Recent Foreign Inventions

Important Items

Oil or Nosegay

Securing Daguerreotypes in Monuments

The Conducting Powers of Metal

Effect of Light upon Plants

Hydrogen, Charcoal, and Platinum


Inventors, and Manufacturers


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January 05, 1856

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism