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Frozen Flesh

A Water Wheel Railroad

A Tall Chimney

A Large Ruby

Peck's Patent Drop Press

New Guano Island

List of Patent Claims

Deep Artesian Well--Heat of the Earth

Steel Manufacture at Pittsburg


Compressed Air Engines for City Railroads

A New Perpetual Motion

Wind Flouring Mills for the Prairies

The Democratic Tendencies of Science

Receipts of the Paris Exhibition; American Reapers

Locomotive Telegraph

Granite Dust a Fertilizer

Improvement in Seeding Machinese

Epidemics and Their Causes

Safety Spirit Lamp

Railroad Collision

Extinguishing a Burning Coal Mine

Back Numbers Volume 11

Award of the Scientific American Prizes

Water Descending and Hot Air Ascending

The Quality of American Wool

Report of the Secretary of the Interior

Recent Foreign Inventions

Draining of a Sea

California.--Her Work and Ways

A New and Improved System of Numeration and Measurement

Important Items

Extract of Indigo--Salts of Tin

Lake Superior Iron


Inventors, and Manufacturers

Milk of Wax for the Skin

Oxyd of Tin as a Polishing Powder

Preparation of Colcothar

Price of Coal in England

A Great Steamship Company


Excessive Division of Labor Injurious


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January 12, 1856

Confronting Common Wisdom