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New Beacon Light

To Prevent the Alteration of Bank Notes

To Make Lard and Tallow Candles

Early Manufactures in Rhode Island

Decimal Currency in England

Belgian Broadcloth Works

An Indian Shroud of Gold

Patent Safety and Alarm Clock

List of Patent Claims

To Builders of Suspension Bridges

The Climate of New England Unchanged

Horse Flesh as Food

Wine Manufacture in Georgia

Creosote for Warts

The Cornish and Condensing Engine

Sweet Almond, Fig, and Olive

Restoring Rancid Butter--Butter Towers

Recent Foreign Inventions

Paraffine Oil, Naphtha, and Paraffine, From Coal

Improvement in Spring Heel Horse Shoes

Wealth of Atlantic Cities

Economy of Fuel

Accumulating Power Press

Robert Fulton

Remonstrances Against Extending the Woodworth Patent

Glycerine in Lung Diseases

Freezing of Gas Meters

Foreign Patents

Block Tin for Soldering Silver

Tin, and Its Uses

The Artizan Journal

Safety in Traveling

Report on Explosion of the Steam Fire Engine

Keep the Mouth Shut During Cold Weather

To Prevent Horses Falling

California.--Her Works and Ways

The Gold Produce of Australia

A New Theory of Light and Heat

Patents Issued in 1854

Important Items

How Life is Sustained During Intense Cold

Hunters' Lantern

Incense, or Odorous Fumigating Powder


Inventors, and Manufacturers

Cure for Hydrophobia

To Clean Kid Gloves

Cure for Cutaneous Affections

Ebony Wood

To Wash Silk

Useful Receipt

Effects of Heat Upon Meat

Gold Bearing Rocks


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January 19, 1856

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