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La Diorophe

Ballooning Extraordinary

To Extract Grease From Cloth

Sharpening Edged Tools

New Use for Gutta Peroha

New Governor for Marine Steam Engines

Lubricating Oil

Lecture on the Gulf Stream

Lecture on Light

Coals for London

List of Patent Claims

Great Patent Case of Reapers

Dean Cotton

Blueing White Paper

Treating Flannel to Prevent It from Fulling

New Method of Application for Artificial Heat

Mineral Wealth of Russia

Mineral Wealth of Lake Superior Regious

Mineral Wealth of England

Machines Wanted by Farmers

Coal in New Zealand

Youman's New Chart of Chemistry

Austrian Electric Apparatus for Blasting

Patent Mop Head

Life-Saving Apparatus

Dangers of Railroad Traveling

The Properties and Effects of Steam

The Mason Testimonial

Recent American Patents

Inventions in the London Crystal Palace

Gas in Flushing

Alpine Ice

The Philosophy of Sneezing

Recent Foreign Inventions

Preserving Animal and Vegetable Substances for Food

Important Items

Eclipses During 1856

Horrible Effects of Foul Air


Inventors, and Manufacturers

Mortality at Different Periods of Life

Reduction of Auriferous Quartz

Snow Shoes for Wheeled Vehicles

A Natural Electric Battery

Analysis of Certain Pure Animal Oils


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January 26, 1856

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism