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Railroads of the United States

Dangerous Eating

Coal Mining in Illinois

Report of the New England Inventors and Mechanics Industrial Exhibition

List of Patent Claims

Zinc, and Its Uses

Theory of Odors

Philosophical Inquiry

Floating Mahogany Logs

The Fate of Mummies

Regenerative Steam Engine

Photographic and Stereoscopic Angles--The True Theory

Improvement in Hoisting Blocks

Death of an Inventor

Salt to Remove Ice

Registering Thermometer

Recent American Patents

Marble and Marble Sawing Invention

Life Boats

Heat and Cold Phenomena--The Cause

Water Wheel Railroad

The Woodworth Patent Extension--Appeal to Governors and State Legislatures

Remonstrances to the Woodworth Patent Extension

Life Benevolent Association

Important to Inventors and Model Makers

History of Gas Lighting--Who Was Its Inventor

Fish Breeding Not a New Art

Thanks to Dr. Kane

Spiking Logs--Floating Some and Sinking Others

Safety of Railway Travelling in England, Car Axies, &C

Recent Foreign Inventions

Important Items

Improved Tidal Water Wheel


Old Babylon

Round and Long Heads

Stormy Sundays

To Manufacture Acetates or Lead

A Great Iron Steamsphip


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    Our Foreign Correspondence

  • To Correspondents

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February 02, 1856

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