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Remedy for Toothache

Paris Fuel Shops

Life Boat Ships

Improved Ornamental Caster

Enormous Railroad Scale

Education in New York City

Dry Kilns

What Labor Does

A Worthy Example

Sugar Planters' Convention

Strong Decks for Ships

Steamboat Tunnage of the United States

Salts for Stables

The Cold; the Cold

New York Docks

List of Patent Claims

California Items

The Persia

Robert Stephenson on Railways

Our Climate Not Changed

Mechanical Ball

Fullers Earth

Cheap Steam Engines for Farmers

Alteration of Coast Lights

The Teeth and Management of Circular Saws

Sharpening Files by an Acid

The Compass and Iron Ships

Paving Machine

Ericsson's New Hot Air Engine

California Quicksilver

Recent American Patents

Exhibition of Inventions in London

Copper and its Uses

The Engineer

Steam and Hot Air Condensers

Recent Foreign Inventions

Lieutenant Maury

Explorations in the Western Deserts

The Parker Water Wheel

The Coal Trade for 1855

Singular Railroad Accidents

Important Items

The Cause of Cholera, and its Remedy

The Effects of Cold on Machinery

Tobacco Packed in Lead

British Porcelain

Vaporgraphic Glasses

Brittle Annealled Iron

Encroachments of the Ocean


Inventors, and Manufacturers

Philadelphia Locomotives


  • Letters

    To Correspondents

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February 16, 1856