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New Gold Varnish

Filling Around Celler Walls

Another Alleged Cure for Hydrophobia

Addison's Improved Gold Separator

The Trade in Pearl Shells

Steam Thawing Machine

Scott Russell's Great Steamship

List of Patent Claims

Hot Air Furnaces


Theory and Practice in Mechanics

Sisal Hemp

Manufacture of White Lead at the West

Draper's Mill-Stone Dressing Machine

Curious Mountain in California

Circular Saws

Chancery and Jury Trials in Patent Cases

Winds of the Northern Hemisphere

Treatment of Scarlet Fever

The Lost Marine Telegraph Cable

Steam Engines

New Saw Mill Governor

Great Destruction of Steamboats

Friction Matches

Criticism on the Steamship Persia

Covering Railroads

Pressure of Steam in Boilers

Progress of the Great Fraud

Gold and Its Uses--No. 2

Reduction of British Patent Fees

Recent American Patents

Recent Foreign Inventions

Fossil Fishes of California

Ding-a-ling, Ding-a-ling

Important Items

The Pitch Lake of Trinidad

Wheat, Flour, Bakers and Millers

French Method of Building Houses

Increasing the Speed of Steamboats

Measuring Falling Water--No. 1


Inventors, and Manufacturers


  • Letters

    To Correspondents

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March 15, 1856

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