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Saltpeter for Butter and Meat

Machine for Paring and Slicing Apples

Light Colored Copal Varnish

Improved Force Pump

A Strange Accident by Burning on a Railroad

List of Patent Claims

Sisal Hemp


Coal and Wood as Fuel

Curing Meats

Alloy for Composition Files

The Rays of the Sun

Plowing with Steam Power

On the Use of High Pressure Steam

New Wedge Pinch Bar

Fine Polishing Powder

Artificial Legs

A New Anesthetic Agent

Plurality of Worlds

Recent American Patents

Gold and Its Uses--No. 3

Voice of the New York Senate

Science and Revelation

Recent Foreign Inventions

Natural Rights of Inventors

Explosions of Boilers


Cotton Seed and its Uses

Colored Flames

Cast-Iron Connecting Links

Brittle Annealed Iron

Body Braces

A Large Cargo of Cotton

The New Frigate Merrimac

The Missing Steamer Pacific

Smoking Tobacco and Cigars

Important Items

Safety Life Ships

The Napoleon III. Spy Glass

Measuring Falling Water.--No. 2


Inventors, and Manufacturers


  • Letters

    To Correspondents

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March 22, 1856

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