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Machine for Sweeping the Streets

A Good Notice on Both Sides

Preserving Fur

List of Patent Claims

New York Railroads

Daguerreotype Pictures for the Stereoscope

Pennsylvania Polytechnic College

Natural Right of Man to His Invention

To Inventors

Fuel Cutter

Steam Fire Engines

Mascher's Stereoscopic Books

Henry Cort, the Inventor of Grooved Rollers and the Puddling of Iron

Recent American Patents

Five Reasons Against the Extension of the Woodworth Patent.--Letter from Constituents to a Member of Congress

Louisiana Right Side Up

Gold and its Uses--No. 3

Propositions for Testing Engines and Boilers

Orfila's Hair Dye

Recent Foreign Inventions

Steamboat Dangers

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Important Items



Inventors, and Manufacturers

Another Perpetual Motion


  • Letters

    To Correspondents

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