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Curious Experiment with Chalk

Nebuchadnezzar Disentombed

The Government Arms and their Manufacture

East India Railroads

Chemical Minuteness

Improved Cotton Press

The New Steam Frigates

Mercantile Library Association

Lightning and Epidemics

Sandstones for Building

List of Patent Claims

A Wonderful Discovery

A Great Strike Ended

Great Submarine Cable

Notes on Patented Inventions.--No. 12

A Shoeing Stool for Blacksmiths

Electro-Chemical Baths

The Pressure of the Atmosphere

Straw Paper

American Marble

Improvement in Spring Beds.

Improved Spring Mattrass.

A New Field for Inventors.--The East Indies Thrown Open

Chemical Analyses in the Patent Office

A New Life Raft

Egyptian Alabaster



Improved Extension Table

Improved Extension Table

Patent Fees

Soda Water

Recent American Patents

The Weather and its Signs

The Hughes Printing Telegraph

Crossing the Alps by Railroad.--American to Comotives in Austria, &c

The Raining Tree

Recent Foreign Inventions

Terms of Advertising

Important Items

To Correspondents

Important to Inventors

Literary Notices

A Cheap Red Fire

Experiments on Digeston and with Poisons

Improved Music Book Rack

Improved Book Rack


Curious Crystals

A Lightning Well Borer

Bronze Colors for Paper from Brazil-Wood and Logwood

Sharpening Old Files with Acid

Washing Fine Woolen and Muslin Articles

Composition of Human Milk

Maryland Artesian Wells


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