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Direct Acting Pumping and Cornish Engines

Polarized Light

Improved Platform Weighing Scale

Our Mechanics

Cause of the Inundations in France

Convenient Railroad State

Good Speed

Death of an Artist

The Poison Strychnine

List of Patent Claims

Railroad Accident--The Verdict

Bust of Columbus

More American Printing Presses for England

Recovery of the Lost Telegraph Cable

Interesting Experiments with Steam Boilers

New Source of Chloroform

Mechanical Discussions--American Institute Club

Walls of Hollow and Solid Bricks

New Shingle Machine

Seward's New Patent Bill

The Woodworth Patent Extension

Recent Foreign Inventions

Philosophy of Wetting Bricks

The New Steam Frigate Wabash

Does the Moon Rotate

Testing Natural and Bent Ship Knees

Recent American Patents

Improvements--No Standing Still

Southern Wheat

Notes on Patented InventionsNo. 16

To Make Ink

Glass Ballot Box

Improvement in Coach Windows

The Expected Comet

Important Items

To Correspondents

Growth of Mineral Earths

Plate Glass

A New Sugar Plant

Artificial Stone

Improved Carriage

Manufacture of Chinese Porcelain

Frazee's Saw Mill

The Effect of Color upon Health


Palace Discovered Underground

Wonderful Fountains


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