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A Cheap Deodorizer

Life Preservers

A Great Gun

A Powerful Fire Engine

Artificial Formation of Minerals

The Atlantic Ocean Telegraph

An Irish Toad

Boot and Shoe Sole Machine

The Seconds of Eternity

Antidote for Strychnine

Fire-Proof Boiler Rooms

List of Patent Claims

Water for Brooklyn

Dummy Locomotives

Pear Tree Oil

Recent Foreign Inventions

Artificial Ears

Hydro-Steam Engine

Mechanics Wanted

Atmospheric Propeller for Steamers

Important Patent Case--Page's Saw Mill

Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Improved Cotton Seed Planter

Improved Oil Cock

Recent American Patents


Drigg's Pianoforte Improvements

Paper and Paper Making

British and French Rifle Shooting

Coke for Iron Smelting

Notes on Patented Inventions--No. 17

Important Items

To Correspondents

The Value of the Telegraph to Railroad Companies

The Wrappings of the Mummies

Destroying Pernicious Insects

Signs of the Weather

American Clocks

Bones Soluble in Water

English Patents


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