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Improved Gang Plow

Natural Ice Houses

Improved Safety Hatch

Great Feat of Swimming

Railroads in Texas

New Coal-Burning Locomotive

List of Patent Claims

Slate Roofing

Electro-Chemical Baths

Boucherie's Process for Preverving Wood from Decay

Australian Gold

The Sun--No. 5

A Patent Extension

Revolving Boiler

Page's Saw Mill Patent Suit

Improved Sawing Machine

Improved Hand Corn Planter

Heating Cold Water by Friction

Bad Steam Boilers

A Picture of Hampden

The Qualifications of Engineers

Recent American Patents

One Thousand Dollars Reward

On Reading

Epidemics--Yellow Fever.--Its Cause

Recent Foreign Inventions

Fire-Engine Playing

To Correspondents

Important Items

Water Pipe Incrustations

American Steamboats in China

Breech Loading Cannon and Shot

Coal Locomotives in the West

Cocoanut Oil

Early Rising


Sea Waves and Sea Sickness


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    August 23, 1856