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Chinese Artificial Breeding of Fish

To Clean Light Colored Kid Gloves

The River Amoor

Old Tanned Hides

Keeping Flies off Gilding

Improved Pliers

Improved Heater

Curious Experiment

One Cord of Wood on a Locomotive

Mine Water for Boilers

List of Patent Claims

Gas on Steamboats

Faraday on Silvering Glass

Spontaneous Ignition of Sawdust

Recent Foreign Inventions

On Water Wheels

New Old Paddle Wheels

New Kind of Bread

A Tall Chimney

The Charter Oak Down

Saving Fuel

Photograph of the Moon

New Lathe Chuck

Inspector's Report of the Explosion on the Empire State

Improved Gas Stove

Highly Important

Cheap Disinfectants

Blister Flies in Texas

Bad Barometers

Errors in Engineering

The Awzune--Explanation of Steam Boiler Explosions

Recent American Patents

Trial of Reaping Machines in France

Pavements and Health

Notes on Patented Inventions--No. 19

Bronze Powder

American Association for the Advancement of Science--No. 1

Important Items

To Correspondents

A Manufacturer made a Peer

A New African Grain

A Subterranean Reservoir

Clarifying Lard Oil for the Hair

English Patents

Improving Iron--Nickel

Mosaic Gold



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    August 30, 1856

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