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Progress in Ireland

McDougal's Disinfecting Powder

Improved Harvester

Saving Bacon

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Pennsylvania Polytechnic College

List of Patent Claims

Florida Railroads

The Hughes Telegraph

Electro-Chemical Baths

Decimal Weights and Measures

American Blister Flies

Advice to Manufacturers of Tin Plate

A Simple Microscope

The Geography of Plants

Poisoning with Strychnine Cured

Inventions Wanted

Improved Water Wheel

Water-Proof Textile Fabrics

Tree Cutting Machine

Recent American Patents

Our Great Ships


The Scientific American Prizes

The Inventor of Purifying Molten Crude Iron without Fuel an American

Resignation of the Commissioner of Patents

Prevention of Smoke

Great Exhibition of the American Institute at the Crystal Palace, New York

Geographical Expeditions

Uses of Cypress Bark

Death of a Celebrated Navigator

Thrashing by Steam Power

A Marine Locomotive

The Plow.--An Improvement Wanted


Important Items


The Life of Seeds

Developement of Races of Animals

Gum Copal

Improved Seed Sower


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    September 27, 1856

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