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Improved Pile and Post Driver

The Horse Chesnut

Taking Care of Farm Implements

Liquid India Rubber

Indian Wood Oils.--Dammer

Plenty of Wheat

Economy of Fuel in Manufacturing Iron

Coal Smoke on Railways

Burning Water

Another Steamboat Burned

To Destroy Cockroaches, Rats and Mice

Silver of California


Jute, or Indian Hemp

Curious Dwarf Deer

Case of Green Color of the Hair

Beauties of the Deep

A Cheap Ice House

The Hughes Telegraph

Silvering Metal

Important Litigation

Can a Patent be Attached?

A Great Pianoforte Factory Burned

Tin Folding Machine

The Telegraph on Railroads

Self-Acting Car Coupling

Preventing Incrustations in Boilers and Iron Pipes

Mechanics, the Agents of Power

Great Exhibition of the American Institute at the Crystal Palace, New York

Grate Damper

Telegraph Cables

Solder-Iron Furnace

Motive Power

Recent American Patents

The Lost and New Arts

Death of George Steers

Bleaching Cotton and Linen Fabrics

A Miller's Patent Case

The Moon's Rotation Again



The New Process of Manufacturing Iron


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    October 04, 1856

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