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New Marine Governor

Decease of Distinguished Inventors and Mechanics

Combination Cotton and Hay Press

American Cotton Gins in India

Action of Sugar on the Teeth

List of Patent Claims

Feats with Wood on Railroads

Reapers in California

Opinions on the New Process of Manufacturing Iron

Japan Varnish

Inventors of Cut Nail Machines

Electro-Plating with Aluminum

Cameos Enclosed in Glass

American Book Craft

The Volcanic Eruption at Hawai

New Bullet Machine

Gold Products Increasing

Unfortunate Steam Frigate

Tubular Twirl for Boiling Soap, Rendering Tallow, Etc.

Splendid Prizes.--Paid in Cash

Sawing Laths and Clapboards

Sales of American Inventions in Europe

Resignation of Commissioner Mason

Great Exhibition of the American Institute at the Crystal Palace, New York

American Machines Saving Money to England

The New Theory of Heat

Recent American Patents

Colonization of Mexico

Boiler Explosions

Tobacco Pulp Segars


Important Items

New Alloy Resembling Silver

Restoring Burnt Iron

Rotation of Spheroids

Street Electric Chronometers

The Expected Great Comet

Workmen's Model Houses

Beautiful Paraffine Candles

Club Rates

Gold Extracting and Chemistry

Improvement in Musical Instruments

Iron Tramways for Common Roads


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    October 11, 1856