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Improved Wiring Machine

Preserving Stone Work

New Water Wheel

List of Patent Claims

Important Notice

Francis' Metallic Boats in England

Locomotive Engines for Propellers

The National Fair

The Locomotive Explosion

Bessemer's Process

Air Boiling of Iron.--Another Claimant

Strychnine Its Tests

Refining Iron.--The New Process

New Cement

Perpetual Motion

Improved Blower Engine

Hub Mortising Machine

Traveling Steam Railroad

Lathe Chuck

Great Exhibition of the American Institute at the Crystal Palace, New York

To the Public

The Woodworth Patent

Drop Press

Boiler Incrustation Preventer

Steam Versus Water Power

Steam Fire Engines

Rope Machines

Recent American Patents

Post Boring Machine

Portable Saw Mills and Sawing Machines

Parallel Vise

Macadamized Versus Plank Roads

Improved Crane

Hand Corn Planter

Gold from Marrow Bones


Tree Cutting Machine

To Destroy Crickets

English Pottery

Burglar Alarm

Boot Crimp

Pipe Coupling without Solder

Mechanic's Institute Polytechnic Schools

New Marble Saw

New Mowing Machine

Pictures on the Retina of the Eye of a Deceased Person


Prospectus of The Scientific American

Substitute for Hops. -- Nitric Acid Compounds

Syrup from the Chinese Sugar Millet

Explosion on a Steamboat

Fattening Ducks


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    Correspondents - October 18, 1856

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October 18, 1856