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Gravel Walls

Another Scientific Expedition

New Barrel Head Machine

Important Notice

List of Patent Claims

Growing the Chinese Sugar Cane

Electro-Plating with Aluminum

The Steam Frigate San Jacinto

The Action of the Galvanic Battery

Stove Polish

New Bedstead Rail Machine

The Great Bridge at Montreal

Second Prizes.Paid in Cash

New Mode of Bending Wood

New Mill Stone Dress

New Marble Sawing Machine

Grate Damper

Commissioner's Report for 1855

Bitumen--Its Uses

Failure of the Steam and Ether Engines

Woolen Cloths

Steel Pens

Spring Beds

Printed Muslins

Mexican Emigration

Improved Grooving Plane

Great Exhibition of the American Institute at the Crystal Palace New York

Hall's Power Loom

Car Springs

Broadcast Seed Sowers

A Destructive Freshet

Fruit Grinder and Press

Cow Milking Contrivance

Trial of Fire Engines

Pianofortes and Melodeons

India Rubber Manufactures

Hay and Cotton Presses

Improvement in Paddle Wheels

London and Old Rome

Natural Curiosities


Prospectus of The Scientific American

Cotton and Hay Press


  • Letters


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October 25, 1856

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism