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The Atlantic Telegraph Cable

Russian Steamships

Notes and Queries on Gas Lighting

Improved Planing Machine

The Largest Flouring Mills in the World

Gold in North Carolina

German Silver for Castings

Erratum -- Buoys

Reform of Weights and Measures

List of Patent Claims

Important Notice

Silvering and Gilding Metals

About Plows and Husk Splitters

Improved Construction of Iron Fences, Adapted to Farms, Railroads, &C

Trial of Fire Engines

The New Old System of Tanning

Steam Plows

Dark Days

Splendid Prizes --Paid in Cash

Novel Auracular Table

Improved Turning Lathe

Important Patent Cases


Sales of Patents

Resmelting.-- Cast Iron Turnings

Portable Saw Mill

New Method of Hanging Saws

New Cast-Steel Process

Woolen Shawls

Illustrate Your Inventions

Trial of Hand Fire Engines

Great Exhibition of the American Institute at the Crystal Palace, New York

Sewing Silk

Blowing Apparatns

American Watches

Ratchet Handle Boring Instruments

Planing Machines

Machine for Boring Pumps and Tubes

Window and Door Lock

Weighing Machines

Hydraulic Rock Drill

Horse Hitch

Hatter's Lathes

Gutta Percha Fabrics

Gold Separators and Crushers

Stone Sawing Machines

Gas Regulators

Steam Sawing Machine

Smoothing Irons Heated by Gas

Cooking Without Fire

Seed Planter

Sewing Machines

Carpet Sweeping Machine

Checked Perspiration

Experiments with Bessemer's Process


New Tube Former

American and English Agricultural Implements

Return of the Atlantic Surveying Expedition


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  • Reviews and Recommendations

    Literary Notices

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November 01, 1856

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