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Cow Milking Apparatus

A Manufacturing City

American Telegraph Inventor in Europe

Waterproof Emery Paper

Sounding Guard for Vessels

List of Patent Claims

Reform of the British Patent Laws

Pettingell's Pistol

Important Notice

Auricles for the Deaf

Origin of Mechanics Institutions

Useless Inflated Life Preservers

Benefits of Machinery.--Mechanical Engineers

Harmony of Revelation and Science

Removing Incrustations from Culinary Vessels

Present to an American Inventor

The U. S. Astronomer

New Tanning Process

Splendid Prizes.--Paid in Cash

New Brick Machine

Berdan's Mechanical Bakery

Carriage Springs

Inventors' Congress.--Great Enthusiasm!--Six Members in Council!!

Automatic Whistle.--Safety on Railroads

Great Exhibition of the American Institute at the Crystal Palace, New York

Sixth Week Continued Close of the Exhibition

Oscillating Engines

The Annual Address

Vergnes' Electro Magnetic Engine

New Spring Saddle

Water Filter

Atmospheric Forge and Trip Hammer

Meeting of the Exhibitors

Gas Stoves

Mortising Machines


Use of Guano

Lithograph Presses

The Steam Frigate Merrimac

Marine and Stationary Governor

Rotary Engines

Book Folding Machine

Fuel Cutter

Preserved Fresh Meats

Shearing and Punching Presses

Transparent Oil Cup

Breech-Loading Fire-Arms

Information Respecting the Manufacture of Iron and Steel

Printing Presses

Turning Lathe

New Bridge

Etching on Ivory

Improved Quality of Alloys


New Subsoil Plow

Galvanic Metals


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