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Honolulu Mechanic's Mutual

Blasting Stumps of Trees

Improved Oscillating Steam Engine

Newfoundland Telegraph

A Bad Place for a Seam

Patent Case.--Artificial Teeth

The Exploring Bark Resolute

A Sugar Cane Expedition

Enduring Cold

Advice to American Patentees Concerning Foreign Patents


Candle Wicks

Collision at Sea

Rice Thrashing Machines

Stoves Economising Heat

Yankee Ingenuity

Dark Days

The American Institute Fair--How Conducted

Buying Machinery--A Hard Case

An Atmospheric Telegraph.--Speed of Air in Tubes

Pure Water and Health

New Size for Cotton Warps

New Tree Cutter

Trees on Railroads

Self-Acting Carriage Gate

Supports in Coal Mines

Explosion of a Steam Fire Engine

Improvement in Manufacturing Cast Steel

Machinists' Rules and Squares

Ship Ventilation

Effects of Nicotine

Splendid Prizes.--Paid in Cash

Bessemer's Patent

Scientific Men and Practical Men

Ethnology, or the Races of Men

Diagonal Adjustable Wrench


The Brutality of the Bar

English Patents

American Institute Prizes

Bronze for Small Castings

Papers on Engineering

Great Earthquake and Volcanic Eruptions

Important Items

Atmosphere for Consumptive Persons

The Use of Salt in Food

Air Vessels on Pumps

Sewerage Manure

An American Knighted

A South Sea Dredger


Something New About Ozone


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