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Economy of the Arts

File Cutting Machine

Galvanic Decomposition of Water

The First Effect of Hearing Restored

New Preparation of Cotton

A Copyright Trial

A Diamond Mistake

How Beans Climb

Pats on the Shoulder

Advice to American Patentees Concerning Foreign Patents

Negative Wells

Making Rifles of Old Muskets

Labor-Saving Soap

Manufacture of Glass in England

A Rare Fossil

How Wind Produces Cold

Steam Pile-Driving Machinery

Which is the Best Saw Mill?--The Mulley

Geometrical Models

The Friction of Machines

Improvement in Steam Engines

Hand Printing Machine

Splendid Prizes.--Paid in Cash

Machine for Grinding Saws

Ancient and Modern Water Works and Tunnels

Time, Space, and Power

Mechanical Clarionet Player

Opponents of the Woodworth Patent Extension

The Construction of Chimneys

The Days Before Coal

An Ether Steamship Burned

Giant Skeleton Found

The Clipper Races

The Philosophy of Fascination

Another Metal Discovered

Old Silver Coin

Sad Death of an Inventor

A Great Bell

Black Band Iron Ore

Explosion of a Ship by Coal Gas

To Bleach Sponge

Blue and Black Indelible Ink

London Mechanics' Institute

Trial of a Railroad Conductor

Photography in Paris

Steam for Raising Ships

Important Patent Case

Quetions for Solution

Tempering Steel Tools

Important Items

Manny's Reaping Machine

New Seedling Strawberry

Renovating Furs


The Cochincal Plant

Literary Notices


Cure for Rheumatism


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December 06, 1856

Confronting Common Wisdom