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Oregon Fruit

Increase of Railroad Post Routes

Improved Steam Pump

Gold in a Brickyard

A Reported Great Lake in Africa Nowhere

A Dangerous Cosmetic

Russian Squirrel Trade

Paint Poison

Peculiar Characteristics of Meteoric Stones

Loss of Silver in Roasting Silver Ores

List of Patent Claims

Advice to American Patentees Concerning Foreign Patents

Motion of the Moon

Lord Palmerston and the Manchester Mechanics

Industrial Progress of Our Country

The Value of Scientific Men

Removing Indelible Ink Stains

Oak Acorns in Bread

Splendid Prizes--Paid in Cash

Improvement in Sewing Machines

Improvement in Locomotives

Improved Tools

Hot Bleaching Liquor

Use of the Syphon at the Mines

Boardman's Coal Burning Locomotive

Our Prizes for the New Year

Grenades for Home Defence

Children's Aid Society

The Uses of Scientific Literature

The Patent Office.--Secretary of the Interior's Report

The Atlantic Ocean Telegraph

Prospects of Cheaper Ocean Postage

Preserving Sail Cloth and Awnings

Progress of American Manufactures

Minerals of Connecticut

Manufacturing Ice

Cement for Steam Pipes

The Strength of Solid and Hollow Brick

Sounding the Ocean

A Railroad Joke

The Compass on Iron Ships

The New Steam Frigates

Important Items

The Origin of the Tape Worm

The Still-Room

To Harden Casts of Plaster

To Make Siemen's Artificial Stone

Gum Benzoin

Improvement in Uncoupling Cars

Increase of Steamships


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December 13, 1856

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