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Silk Cultivation

Evaporator and Condenser


Uses of the Sulphuret of Carbon

Fuel and Wear of Locomotives

The Moon's Influence on Man and Plants

List of Patent Claims

Advice to American Patentees Concerning Foreign Patents

The Steam Battery

Our Trade, Coinage, and Income Debt

The Woodworth Patent--Lobbying in Congress

Cheap Mouse Trap

A Wrinkle About the Age of Horses

Expensive Chinese Sugar Cane Seed

Hay Forks--Seneca Falls Manufactures

Providing Fencing Timber

Coal Oil for Lighthouses

Louisville Steamboats

The Iron Structure for Government

Improvement in Saw Sets

Chargers for Shot Pouches

Patent Inkstands for Desks

Removing Scale From Steam Boilers

Books of Patents--Noble Present to the Astor Library

Fusible Plugs for Boilers

Death of a Man of Science

Splendid Prizes.--Paid in Cash

Liquid Stone

Health of Dr. Kane

Manufacturing Steel

Large Steam Frigates

Submarine Telegraphs

To Inventors

The Growth of Machinery

Tradesmen's Marks in Law

Agricultural Science.--Manuring

Compares on Iron Ships

Important Items


Glover's Paddle Wheel

A Bridge From New York to Brooklyn

Gums and Resins

Filling Ice Houses

Remedy for Burns


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