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Corn Husking Machine

Ship Building at New York

Cable for the Atlantic Telegraph

Railway Festival

Meteoric Iron Stones

Striking Effects of Civilization

Losses by Fire in the United States

Statuary for the Capitol

Seeing Stars--A Deceptional Reflecting Telescope

American Iron Manufacture

Patent Cases in Congress--the Woodworth Planing Machine

Natural Curiosities of New Zealand

More Camels

Merit Rewarded

The Ambrotype Art

Experience With Ice Houses

Steam Engines for Grist Mills

Improvement in Constructing and Working of Locomotives

Experiments With the Chinese Sugar Millet

Smith's Apple Parer

Wonderful New War Machine

The Compass on Iron Vessels

Improvement in Casters

Improved Saw Gummer

Extended Patents--The Power of Congress

Annual Award of Prizes

The Old Year and the New

The Cohesive Power of Public Plunder

Sulphuret of Carbon

Shot Towers--Manufacture of Shot

Aluminium Cheap as Iron

Reform of Weights and Measures

Progress of Australia


Original Recipes for Electro-Plating, Gilding and Brassing

Carriage Springs



Inventors, and Manufacturers

Total Eclipses For the Next Fifty Years

Printing Textiles by Light


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January 10, 1857

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