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Cambridge Water Works

Climates of the United States

Improved Fire Hook

The Origin of Wheat

Tongueing and Grooving Machinery

Effect of Pumpkin Seed on Cattle

Turpentine and Resin

Cure for Sore Hands Caused by Chemicals

One of the Prizes

Yearly Food of One Man

Phosphoresence of Insects


Bleaching Paper Rags with Gas

Light for Dark Places

The Recent Storm

The Science of Satisfying the Fastidious Taste with Tea

Ventilating Railroad Cars

Resuscitation of Locomotive Works

French Railroad Clocks

Safety Friction Matches

Artificial Milk

Description of an Experiment with Bessemer's Process

Gun Cotton in Rifles and Shot Guns

The Inventor of the Stereoscope

Blacking-Box Holder

Experiments With an Antidote for Snake Bites

Pyroligneous ACID from Saw-Dust and Spent Tan Bark

American Stoves in Europe

The Steamship Adriatic

The invention of Vulcanized India Rubber

Phosporus; Its Source and Nature

Cold Days and Seasons

Copper Coins

Building in Frosty Weather

Weather on the Ocean

The Influence of the Sun's Rays in Consumption

Camel Locomotives

Diseases Incident to Occupations

The Cambridge Telescope

Extracting Gold from Quartz, and Dressing Cotton Warps

Object and Effects of Irrigation

The Human Hand, and Inventions

Size of American Lakes

Yellow River

Power of Sea Breakers

Bleaching and Deodorizing Tallow, Oils, and Fatty ACIDS


Inventors, and Manufacturers

The Cedars of Lebanon

The Sperm Whale


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